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Bobby Bowden Speaking FeeLegendary FSU coach Bobby Bowden recently spoke at the Mount Dora Christian Academy for their second annual gala on March 25th. The event began at 7 p.m., and local attendees, sponsors, student athletes and more got to hear one of college football’s most winningest coaches in history speak about his life and career both on and off the field.This rare opportunity turned out to be a fantastic event, and tickets were limited and priced between $10 and $250 a piece so it was surely a packed house. Bowden also gave many words of inspiration and showed everyone his fantastic motivations skills, which no doubt helped him out in his football career.

Bowden started coaching in in 1954 and worked for a few schools like Howard and West Virginia, but he is most remembered and associated with Florida State University since she spent most of his career with them. He was the winner of the 1980 Bobby Dodd COY Award, 1991 Walter Camp Coach of the Year Award, and the Amos Alonzo Stagg Award of 2011, and has taken his team to the National Championships twice in the years 1993 and 1999. In addition to that, Bowden had an award named after him called the “Bobby Bowden National Collegiate Coach of the Year Award” which was initiated in 2010, the year that he retired.

Bowden recently spoke at this year’s second annual Mount Dora Christian Academy’s second annual gala earlier this month in the Brackett Gymnasium at MDCA. The crowd was packed, and it was a fantastic experience for everyone who got to attend.

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Watch Bobby Bowden Speaking about his Years as an FSU Coach: