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Loretta Claiborne SpeakerMotivational speaker and Special Olympics athlete Loretta Claiborne has been announced as the keynote speaker for this year’s annual Changing Lives Campaign Determination Celebration on April 9. The event will take place at Vernon Downs in Vernon, New York, and is being sponsored by the local chapter of the YMCA. Tickets to get in will cost $35 per person and all funds raised will go towards helping less fortunate members of the community be able to afford their memberships to the YMCA. Claiborne is expected to talk about how the obstacles in her life helped her develop into the successful Olympian that she is today, and her message of inspiration is one that is relevant to everyone, not just athletes.

The six-time Olympian was born partially blind and wasn’t even able to talk or walk until the age of four. Through her determination, she has completed over 25 marathons including making it into the top 100 finishers at the famous Boston Marathon. Other sports that Claiborne has competed in other than running include figure skating, karate and bowling, and she has taken home a few medals from these games. In addition to that, the Walt Disney company was so inspired by her story that they produced the 2000 made for tv movie “The Loretta Claiborne Story” based on her life. Now at age 60, Claiborne still stays physically active but focuses primarily on spreading her words of motivation wherever she can.

Claiborne will be speaking at this year’s annual Changing Lives Campaign Determination Celebration in New York, which is hosted by the YMCA. It should be a great event to go to and is for a great cause, as the proceeds go towards funding memberships to the YMCA for people who can’t afford them.

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