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Clayton Kershaw AgentLos Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw was a part of a one day baseball clinic where he got to interact with boys and girls who are a part of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. Many of the kids had never even been to Dodger Stadium, where the clinic was held, or even owned any baseball equipment. Kershaw took the time to spend it on the field by coaching the boys who knew the sport and helping the girls get acquainted with it, and building their confidence in something as simple as throwing the ball. The kids had no idea that the man they were playing catch with at Dodger Stadium was the same guy who recently won the National League’s MVO award.

The starting pitcher for Los Angeles was drafted to the MLB during the 2006 Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers, but didn’t get to make his debut until 2008 when he was stil the youngest player in the league. In 2011 the starting pitcher won the Triple Crown and has been a five-time All-Star player each year from 2011-2015. The two-time NL strikeout champion also recently became a father this year, which made the clinic he participated in a little more personal to his fatherly side.

Kershaw and his wife are advocates for the Dream Center in Los Angeles and even funded a renovation of a floor that many of the kids who game to his clinic live on. Overall the event was a huge success and Kershaw got to share some of the passion he has for baseball with kids who have never got a chance to explore the sport.

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