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Lou Holtz AgentLegendary coach Lou Holtz is scheduled to speak at the First Priority of South Mississippi’s auction that’s happening on April 25 at Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. This event will be the 18th annual auction of it’s kind and is designed to help fund the student-led campus Evangeline ministry. Lots of different things will be places for sale at the end of the month including fishing trips, tickets, autographs and more. It should be an exciting time for football fans all across the state who choose to attend, and hopefully a very profitable one too for the charity involved. Tickets can be purchased through the First Priority of South Mississippi’s Hattiesburg office phone line or their website at fpsouthms.org.

The West Virginia native attended Kent State University where he played as a linebacker for the football team, and after graduating from the university with a degree in history in 1959 he started to lean towards a career in coaching in 1960. He spent 8 years as an assistant coach for five different universities before he finally became a head coach at William & Mary University in 1969. Over the next 35 years, Holtz coached for many other educational establishments but is most well known for his time working at Notre Dame where he was for a decade. These days the former coach makes a lot of time to give motivational speeches to lots of different companies and athletes, and he has also been a sports commentator for CBS.

Holtz will be speaking at this year’s fundraiser and auction being put on by the First Priority of South Mississippi, which will benefit the student-led campus Evangeline ministry. Be sure to inquire about tickets as soon as possible, as the event is just around the corner.

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Watch Lou Holtz Speaking with Brandon Steiner about his Coaching Career:




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