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Mimi HughesMimi Hughes, Tennessee Valley’s internationally known marathon swimming activist, signed copies of “Wider Than a Mile,” a memoir of her 2006 1,771 mile swim of Danube River at the Book Inn in Fayetteville Square on Saturday, November 10.

The memoir follows the often tortuous battle down the Danube as it slips into and between nine European countries. The Danube is known for being the river that touches more countries than anywhere else in the world. She swam to remind people of how water connects us all and how even small choices can accumulate for either good or ill. She swam to remind people that just one person, using whatever talent they have, can make a difference in the world.

At the end of her first day on the Danube Hughes wrote: “The cold, the fear, the pain is irrelevant. For the next 89 days everything must be about moving forward. Swimming is my job, every day, seven days a week, without end. One stroke at a time: That’s the mentality that will get me to the Black Sea.”

Hughes is an American long distance swimmer who swims for a variety of causes, such as understanding between nations, environmental awareness, and life skills training and education for women and girls. She was declared one of the most important women of the last 100 years by Fur Sie magazine.

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Watch Mimi Hughes swimming the entire Ohio River:




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