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Matt BirkFormer NFL player Matt Birk is scheduled to be a part of the inaugural Connecting Community Breakfast that’s taking place on September 21st as a part of the Raise the Roof capital campaign put on by The Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf. The event itself will take place from 7 to 9 a.m. at the Envision Event Center in Oakdale. Tickets and registration to get in will cost $25 per person in advance and increases to $35 after September 12th. Birk is expected to share his experiences and talk about teamwork, community and making an impact for change. In addition to playing 14 years in the NFL, he has also done a lot of humanitarian work.

Birk was born in Minnesota and he was noticed as a stand out athlete right from his high school years, and eventually went to college in Harvard. He was brought back home in the 1998 NFL Draft when he was selected by the Minnesota Vikings to be one of their Center players on the team. The 6-time pro bowl player is also a 6-time Minnesota Vikings Man of the Year Award winner and has established himself quite well in the sport and his home state. From 2009-2012 he played for the Baltimore Ravens which led him to also be a Super Bowl Champion before retiring. Since 2014 he has been named the NFL football director of development, which he continues to do today.

Birk will be taking part in this year’s Raise the Roof capital campaign hosted by the Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf on September 21st. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance, as there will be a significant price increase after the 12th of next month!

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Watch Matt Birk Speaking about the NFL combine: