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Maurice Clarett Speaking FeeFormer local football star for Ohio State University Maurice Clarett has been announced as the featured speaker for the Men’s Ralley in the Valley event that is taking place on May 16 at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio. The once reputable running back for the Buckeyes is going to be giving a talk that delves into his dark history with the law, football, and himself and how he managed to overcome it and learn from his mistakes. This will be a very intriguing talk as many people wondered what happened to the star athlete that appeared to have it all, and how he got to where he did in light of all his troubles. Clarett will be revealing his side of the story and encouraging others to learn from his mistakes and to avoid going down a similar path.

The former Buckeye had proven to have a lot of talent during his high school and college football career, yet it suddenly got turbulent when he found himself at odds with the law, his coach and his depression that began to set in heavily during the early 2000’s. Clarett had been arrested several times for a variety of things including theft, obstruction of law, and academic misconduct which led to his dismissal from OSU in 2003. He struggled with lots of debt on top of alcohol and drug problems, and had fought to earn a place on the NFL Bronco’s bench only to underperform when he had a shot at their training camp.

After being released from prison in 2010, Clarett had a moment of clarity that he had to change his life or he would be suffering for the rest of his years. He has cleaned himself up and got back on track to become a productive member of society and spends a lot of time talking to kids and adults to help them make the right choices on their paths.

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