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Meyers Leonard Appearance FeePortland Trail Blazers Meyers Leonard went back to his hometown of Robinson, Illinois to host a 3rd annual basketball camp for the locals in the area. Leonard spent a lot of time with over 100 of his youngest fans and taught them various skills on the court and discussed what his life is life now that he’s gone pro. In addition to that, he talked about how his shoulder surgery went and what it means now that he is going to be a free agent this season.

The Robinson, Illinois native has a difficult childhood as he lost his father at a young age and his mother was disabled for most of that time. He went to high school where he instantly became a basketball star, due to the fact that he grew a lot of height without losing his balance or coordination. He ended up playing basketball for the University of Illinois for two years before entering the 2012 NBA Draft where he was selected in the first round. 11th overall pick by Portland. Leonard is still with the team today.

The 7 foot one athlete went back to his hometown in eastern Illinois to host the 3rd annual basketball camp for kids who currently live there. Over 100 youngsters showed up to interact with Leonard, and it was a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved.

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