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Pete Rose Booking FeeLegendary MLB player Pete Rose was the keynote speaker for the Dinner with Chris Archer and Friends banquet that happened last month on February 18th at the Ted William Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame. Everything began at 6 p.m. and required attendees to wear business casual attire, but that didn’t stop some people from wearing jeans and a collared shirt either. People gathered from all around as fans of all ages attended to get the opportunity to hear Pete Rose speak, as well as experience an hour and a half autograph session with the retired athlete.Rose spoke a lot about how important his teammates were to him and about how different players are today from back when he was on the field. Overall, it was a fantastic evening for local fans and one that they were surely remember.

The Cincinnati native went to Western Hills High School where he was encouraged to participate in sports by his parents. Due to a lack of success in football, Rose lost control of his studies and ended up having to repeat an academic year, but got involved in baseball. Thanks to his uncle Buddy Bloebaum, who was a scout for the Cincinnati Reds, he was given a chance to be given a closer look at by the team management. At the time, the Reds had lost a lot of good players who were merely prospects before, so they took a chance on Rose and couldn’t have been happier with that decision. Rose did two career stints with the Reds, one from 1963-1978, and another shortly before he retired as a player from 1984-1986. During his career he also played with the Philadelphia Phillies. After hanging up his baseball bat, Rose was the manager of the Reds for five years until 1989 too.

Rose spoke at the Dinner with Chris Archer and Friends banquet towards the end of last month, as well as participated in an autograph session. The entire event happened between 6 p.m. and finally wrapped up at 11 p.m., but was a lot of fun and worth every minute of it.

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