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Bill Walton AgentBill Walton gave a speech at this year’s commencement ceremony for the New England Institute of Technology. The graduation took place on May 1st at the Rhode Island Convention Center, and Walton told motivational stories from his career to send off the newest graduates on campus into the world with a positive attitude and feeling. In addition to that, the two-time NBA champion was ecstatic to receive an honorary degree from the school. The main message that Walton delivered to the students was that it’s extremely important to never give up, and always persevere, no matter how hard things in life get.

The La Mesa, California native w as an immediate athletic star that even made it to the United States Men’s National team at the young age of 17, and also became a familiar face while he played for the University of California Los Angeles between the years of 1971-1974. He entered the 1974 NBA Draft and was selected as the first overall pick by the Portland Trail Blazers, with whom he played with for four years. He then went back to his home state of California and joined the San Diego/ Los Angeles Clippers from 1979 through 1985 before going to Boston to play for the Celtics for the last two years of his professional playing career. The two-time NBA champion also worked as a color commentator for NBC for 12 years after his retirement, where he was an exciting and controversial television sports personality.

Walton was the guest speaker for this year’s graduation ceremony at the New England Institute of Technology in Rhode Island at the start of the month.

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