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Tom Brady AgentNew England Patriots Tom Brady has recently partnered up with a plant-based meal company, Purple Carrot of Massachusetts, to showcase some meals on plan with Brady’s diet. As of Tuesday March 7, the meals went on sale for $78 per week and will be higher in protein, gluten-free and limited in soy and refined sugar per Brady’s stipulations. This was the perfect product for the football star to endorse, as he is known for his nutrition habits and diet, which many would associate with his success in his career. Brady’s partnership with this brand could be just what the company needs to bring in more male subscribers, since they may be able to feel more of a connection with the quarterback.

The six-time AFC champion was selected in the 2000 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots and has been playing with them ever since while becoming one of the most recognized football players in the world. In the last 14 seasons he has accomplished a number of achievements such as being the 2005 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, Bert Bell Award in 2007, and the three-time Super Bowl MVP out of his four appearances at the big game. Brady is still going strong in his playing career and is expected to have a few more seasons left with the NFL before retiring.

Brady has become the latest brand ambassador for the company Purple Carrot of Massachusetts and is expected to help their numbers of clients soar this year. They have released a new meal plan that closely follows the diet of their own New England quarterback, and it is sure to take off with success in no time.

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