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Matthew Slater speakerNew England Patriots Matthew Slater has been chosen by his fellow NFL co-athletes to receive the coveted Athletes in Action Bart Starr Award that is given once a year to a player who demonstrates great leadership and character both on and off of the field. This award is especially meaningful to him as his father, former player and Hall of Famer Jackie Slater, won the same prestigious title in 1996. Almost 2,000 people are expected to attend the breakfast event this year in order to honor Slater during his reception of the Bart Starr Award.

The California-born football player was an athletic star in high school, and his talents carried on into his college years when he attended the University of California Los Angeles. By his junior year at UCLA he was a regular on the field which set him up nicely for the 2008 NFL draft where he was picked by the New England Patriots in the 5th round. Slater has been with the Patriots ever since and as of 2014 he was given a two-year contract to extend his role on the roster of the team. In addition to playing well on the field, Slater is also heavily active in community service for which he was recognized by Robert Kraft himself in 2013.

Slater will be this year’s winner of the amazing Athletes in Action Bart Starr Award and will receive this honor during a ceremonial breakfast. This is a tough award to win, so Slater and his family should feel a little extra proud at the start of this new year.

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Watch Matthew Slater Speaking at the 2014 Barnabas Ministries Fundraising Dinner: