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Jennifer Welter AgentJennifer Welter was the keynote speaker for this year’s 2016 Equal Pay Summit that happened on May 2-3 in the Strand Union Building on the campus of Montana State University. The focus of the event for 2016 was promoting women in businesses on Montana’s main streets and discussions on how to ensure females get equal pay for the amount of work they do on the job. In addition to that, there was a discussion on how to promote leadership, support, pay equity education and access to critical resources in the state of Montana. Since Welter has been very influential in the sports industry and somewhat of a pioneer, she was a perfect fit for the summit and drew in a lot of different people to attend.

Welter might be new to coaching in the NFL, but she is not new to the sport or to coaching overall. She was the coach for “semi-pro” women’s football and even led Team USA to win gold medals in the 2010 and 2013 American Football Women’s World Championships. In addition to that, earlier this year she was introduced to the Texas Revolution as their linebackers and special teams coach which is when she really got her foot in the door to this opportunity with the NFL. Welter isn’t even just a sports fan and enthusiast, but she also studied sport psychology and got her master’s in that field from Boston College and her PhD in it from Capella University.

Welter attended and spoke at this year’s 2016 Equal Pay Summit that happened on Montana State University’s campus earlier this month and spoke up for fairness in payments among both genders.

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