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Harry Carson Speaking FeeNew York Giants legend Harry Carson was the keynote speaker for the 2015 NYU School of Professional Studies Graduate Convocation Ceremony on May 17, at The Theater at Madison Square Gardens for the 1,200 graduate who attended the program. The Super Bowl XXI champion had a lot to share about planning ahead and choosing where to focus one’s life, as he feels that is one of the best ways to become as successful as you can be. The main message which Carson tried to convey to the newest grads of New York University was to “make something of your life,” as that is exactly what he did with his own life. Overall it was a very motivating and inspirational function that generated a lot of loud cheering and clapping by the time his final words were spoken on stage.

The nine-time Pro Bowl player attended and played for South Carolina State University from 1972 to 1975 before being drafted by the New York Giants in the 1976 NFL Draft. Throughout his twelve years playing ball, the former linebacker stayed with the same team during his entire career. Just nine years ago in 2006, Carson was selected to be in the Pro Football Hall of Game, and since his retirement he has stayed in close involvement with the Giants. In addition to that, he was one of the first pioneers of the now common practice of dumping a “Gatorade Shower” onto a coach after a big win.

Carson gave a great speech for the 2015 commencement ceremony at NYU in mid-May, as he was one of the most perfectly suited people for the job with his history with the state. The new graduates are sure to remember this keynote speech for years to come.

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