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Lebron James Ring Maker CommercialNike and Lebron James wasted no time to celebrate his latest accomplishment with his latest Ring Maker commercial. Their most recent commercial takes you on a journey of Lebron James career, dating back to his days as a high school player. At the start of his high school play, the commercial shows a jeweler making his championship ring, carving away little by little much like Lebron did in the NBA. The Nike Commercial then segways into the best part where it shows and reminds fans that great players must fall before they win it all, much like when Lebron did when he lost to the Spurs in the Finals as a Cavaliers as well as last years loss to the Mavericks.

At the end of the day, The marketing Team at Nike did a brilliant job putting this commercial together as it truly gives fans everywhere an idea just what it took Lebron to get his first NBA Championship. Furthermore, they really provided the fans at home with Timely Marketing as the commercial took to the airwaves minutes after their victory.

View the Nike commercial featuring Lebron James below:

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