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Jon MontgomeryOlympian skeleton racer and television host Jon Montgomery was the featured speaker at this year’s Southwest Agriculture Conference that happened in Ridgetown. During his talk, Montgomery discussed on how moving towards technology to help with farming and agriculture is going to be extremely helpful in the future, and that it could drastically improve the daily lives of farmers. In addition to that, he stated that using these new techniques would be a very wise way to make more efficient progress with both time and money in this field. In fact, he stated that he himself would like to get into the food producing industry and does not know which route he will go, however, he did indicate that he has an interest in shrimp farming.

The Russell, Manitoba, Canada native started to get into skeleton racing while he lived in Calgary, at which point he was working as an auctioneer nearby the Olympic Park in the city. After deciding to pursue the sport in 2002, Montgomery began to train and even failed at his first couple of attempts to get into the Olympics, but in 2008 he managed to win his first World Cup race in Cesana, Italy. It wasn’t until 2010 that he qualified for the winter Olympics in Vancouver based on his 2009-2010 World Cup Skeleton results. He ended up winning the gold medal for his sport in Vancouver, which was both a very meaningful and exciting experience for him.

Montgomery was the featured speaker at the Southwest Agriculture Conference that took place recently at Ridgetown High School, and he was able to captivate his audience easily. He definitely was able to convey the message that anyone can accomplish anything as long as they hang on to their dreams.

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