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Experts and fans who have tuned into the Olympic Basketball Games couldn’t help but notice just how well the American’s have played in FIBA style of play. Most recently Olympic Veteran Kobe Bryant said he would be consider playing basketball overseas after his career in the NBA. Kobe would not be the only NBA player who has considered this route as Former NBA All-Stars Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson also deliberated this move and eventually took their talents overseas. Both Iverson and Marbury among other players have elaborated how the benefits of playing overseas are endless. For many players it an opportunity to grow their popularity across the globe.

This is exactly what Former And 1 Streetball Legend Majic Dorsey did and has not looked back. He has spent the past several years taking his talents across the globe and winning every major accolade possible. Fans flocked to Majic Dorsey as he dazzled fans with his stunning passing , aggressive scoring and showman ship that every fan loves to mimic.

His hardwork has brought him several prestiges awards like the 2011/2012 FIBA LNBP Sponsor Caliente Player Of The Year, Eurobasket Guard Of The Year, and Eurobasket Import Of The Year. He received these honors after ranking #1 in points with 30 per game and #1  in assist with 8 per game. All this hard work paid dividends as Majic recently signed an 8 month contract worth $120,000 with Euro Basketball Power House Pizza Express Apollon Limassol. Those benefits of playing overseas shined through in his contract as he received a car, an apartment among several other kickbacks to play for the Euro Power House.

Much like Allen Iverson, Dorseys style of play brings fans to their feet and has them wanting to attend game after game. As the Euro League continues to grow, experts expect for not only NBA players to migrate over, but also major companies looking to sign endorsements. Majic Dorsey has proven to be the perfect candidate for one of these major endorsements.

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    David Ramos

    I met MaJic in Chihuahua when he was playing for Dorados and he’s the best player i’ve ever met, i think he is the second Allen Iverson of american basketball, he can easy get to the nba it’s an excellent player and a very good person! I hope everybody can met him, it’s such an honor! Cngratulations MaJic Dorsey

  • heathers2788@gmail.com'


    MaJic is an amazing basketball player and a good person with a huge heart. He’s always a fan favorite and whenever he has the chance to shed light or share his talent to the younger generation he’s ready and willing. He’s such a positive influence…good job MaJic and continue to climb the latter to your dreams and to success. Congrats On the article!!

  • heathers2788@gmail.com'


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