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Frank ShorterOlympian Frank Shorter made a special guest appearance at the Arnold Obey Armed Forces 5K Run that happened on May 20th at Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island, New York. Not only did the athlete spend some time handing out medals at the children’s race, but he also spent a lot of his time signing autographs both before and after the main race. In addition to that, he brought some copies of his book to sell which was produced in 2016 and titled “My Marathon: Reflections On A Gold Medal Life”. It was a fun experience for all of the runners who showed up that day, and a great chance for Shorter to interact with some of his biggest fans.

Shorter was born in Munich, Germany due to his father being stationed there by the U.S. Army. However, he mostly spent his growing up years in Middletown, New York and began to shine as a runner while on the Yale University long-distance running team. In 1969, Shorter first achieved distinction after winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association 10,000-meter title during his senior year and then proceeded to win his first U.S. national title the very next year. Over the course of his career, Shorter appeared in two Olympic games, winning the gold in Munich in 1972 and a silver in Montreal in 1976. In addition to that, he won two more gold medals at the 1971 Cali Pan American Games for the Marathon and 10,000 meter event.

Shorter recently appeared at this year’s Arnold Obey Armed Forces 5K Run that took place earlier this year in May on Staten Island. It was a lot of fun for fans of all ages, and everyone got a great workout in.

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