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The 20-year-old Brazilian double amputee seemed to come out of nowhere by beating Oscar Pistorius in the men’s 200m T43/44 final at the Paralympics, but Pistorius claimed that it was an unfair race with Alan Oliveira using bigger prosthetic blades that provided an elongated stride length.

The 25-year-old South African noted, “We aren’t racing a fair race.These guys are a lot taller and you can’t compete with the stride length.”

Oliveira said his medal came through hard work and dedication and nothing else. He remarked, “I was let down by how much he wanted to take away from me the merit for winning gold. All the speculation about my growth, he used that to try and take away from me the merit of winning.”

An expert in exercise science and sports medicine at the University of Cape Town contradicted the claims of Pistorius and came to the conclusion that it was actually faster leg movement rather than a longer stride that gave Oliveira the win.

There is no doubt cast at all on the fact that the amazing Paralympian has an incredible story of success and determination to tell, and one that can be shared with others and possibly inspire them to greatness as well.

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Watch this video featuring Brazilian sprinter Alan Oliveira as he talks about the claims by rival Oscar Pistorius alleging that he beat the South African in the Paralympic T44 200m final because his artificial legs were too long:




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