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Rashad Jennings AgentNew York Giants running back Rashad Jennings got a chance to revisit his past recently by initiating a reading challenge program at the elementary school that he used to attend. Jennings tries to visit and take part in video chats as often as he can with the students to encourage them to become better readers and to find ways to overcome their obstacles. The school, Forest Elementary, is extremely grateful and excited to have a member of their alumni also be in the NFL. It is an honor for them to work with the athlete and be able to have him put on this reading challenge as a means of inspiring other kids that are currently walking down the halls that he once did. Jennings made a statement that he used to be the kid who was “overweight with glasses”, and the talented group of teachers at the school are what helped reach him and overcome his issues.

The Forest, Virginia native didn’t get a head start in his early years when it came to physical fitness, as he had challenges being overweight and with living with asthma. However, with the help and encouragement of his brothers he got into sports and began to excel in his later high school years. He ended up going to Liberty University where he began to play ball there in 2005, and by 2009 Jennings decided to enter that year’s NFL Draft where he was selected in the 7th round by the Jacksonville Jaguars. In 2014, Jennings signed a four-year contract with the New York Giants, where he still is today.

Jennings is advocating reading to young students in his hometown at his old elementary school, and both he, the students, and the faculty are excited to be on board and working towards a community effort for encouraging reading in youngsters.

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