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Jacoby Jones AppearanceBaltimore Ravens‘ receiver Jacoby Jones not only set an NFL postseason record with his 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, he made a lot of Baltimore area furniture buyers pretty happy.

Gardiners Furniture had offered a promotion to any customer who purchased furniture over Super Bowl weekend; if a Raven player returned a kick for a touchdown to start the game or the second half, they’d receive free furniture. Of course, this rarely happens so the company definitely had the odds on their side, but Jones, nevertheless, accomplished the feat leaving Gardiners’ Furniture forced to give away about $600,000 in free furniture. Fortunately for them, they did take out insurance on their bet.

The store noted on their Facebook page: “That was amazing! Furniture is FREE! If you made a purchase this weekend, it’s your lucky day. Go Ravens!”

Jones has likely gained quite a few more fans after his amazing performance Sunday in addition to appearance requests and companies seeking him to endorse their products.

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Watch this video featuring Jacoby Jones kickoff return for a touchdown in Super Bowl:




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