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Ray Lewis baltimore 1000Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis teamed up with Jeff Hoffman, Richmond McCoy, Dr. Lance McCarthy and Ferguson 1000 to launch the Baltimore 1000 that happened on Saturday October 15. The purpose of the event was to create a massive hiring convention and create at least 1000 jobs during this critical time of our country’s history. Several companies confirmed their participation beforehand which was able to draw in a large crowd from the local area, and due to Lewis’ focus on urban America over the last few years, he was the perfect fit for the job.

The two-time Super Bowl champion got started in football at the University of Miami where he managed to score a spot on the starting lineup by the end of his freshman year. After completing three years of college he entered in the 1996 NFL draft and was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens, with whom he stayed with for all 16 years of his football career. The 13-time Pro Bowl player and a pretty rough childhood, but he used those experiences to make himself better and stronger for his mother, who was mostly his only parent. After retiring from football, the three-time AFC Defensive Player of the Year took a job as a sports analyst for ESPN. Lewis now also has a son, Ray Lewis III, who plays the sport at Coastal Carolina University as well.

Lewis teamed up with some business professionals earlier this month to host the Baltimore 1000 event to help create new jobs in the area, and it was a huge success. Several companies showed up and offered plenty of openings for positions at their places of employment.

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