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Henry Lawrence Speaking FeeFormer Oakland Raiders player Henry Lawrence spoke at the 29th annual award ceremony for participants receiving an award for their work in the Florida Migrant Education Program in Palmetto. The program is designed to help migrant students from various high schools in Manatee County have the support they need and access to education to become successful citizens of the United States. Lawrence instilled in the students that they all needed a life plan, because you will never know what could happen from a day to day basis and preparation is the best tool. He then told those who didn’t have a life plan to get one now, so that they can achieve those goals that they dream of, and that they can do anything they want.

Lawrence told the students that he understands what it’s like to have a lot going on in your life, and how challenging it can be to juggle that with keeping good grades in school. The three-time Super Bowl Champion commented that he too had to work a lot as a kid, because he had no other choice if he wanted to survive and help his family. He also made sure to do his best in school so that he could come out on top and always had a lot of pride in his school work.
The two-time Pro Bowl player gave a moving and motivating speech to the youngsters and encouraged them to get and stay on the ball, because life is a big game that needs a plan of attack.

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