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george brett speakerRetired third baseman for the Kansas City Royals George Brett has been penciled in as the main speaker for the All-Star event in Omaha on July 17 to honor minor league players at a luncheon. The event will take place at the Embassy Suites in La Vista, and will come before the annual AAA All-Star baseball game that is set to kick off at 7:05 p.m. and will even be shown on the MLB Network. Brett is known as the “greatest Royal in history” of the team and is expected to be a big hit and fans of all ages are going to show up to hear his speech. The event couldn’t have recruited a more favorable and coveted player to talk to the fans, because he is a part of baseball history that no one could really top.

The West Virginia native debuted in the MLB on August 2nd, 1973 and continued on to play for twenty years. Before he was a 13-time All Star player, he was playing in the minor leagues and caught the eye of a recruiter who promoted him to the Royals. It was a tough start for him, but his adversity lead him to work very hard at being the best and getting his skills to a top notch status. By 1977 he was a real power hitter knocking out 22 home runs that year. Since retiring as a player, Brett has become the vice president of the Royals and has also worked as a coach part of the time.

The 1985 World Series Champion will be speaking at the AAA All-Star baseball event on July 17 and is expected to draw in a huge crowd of Royals fans. Not only is he looked at as being a hometown hero, but the audience and team followers tend to adore the players who stick around forever and make lasting impressions.

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