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Russell Wilson Football CampStar quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson returned to his old stomping grounds in North Carolina to host the Russell Wilson Passing Academy at North Carolina State University. The camp itself was five hours long and more than 400 kids attended to work with one of the league’s best football players, and it was greatly appreciated that Wilson came all the way back to the East Coast because he wanted to interact with those kids too. Wilson is currently scheduled to have a very busy summer as it is, because he will be hosting two more football camps in the Seattle area and one in Vancouver all before he gets back to training at the end of this month. The Seahawk quarterback has a reputation for being very caring and generous of his time, especially with kids, and doing these camps completely supports that.

The 2014 Super Bowl Champion is one of the few athletes out there who has been drafted to play two different professional sports: baseball and football. Wilson played both sports during his college years and was drafted to the Colorado Rockies in 2010. However, in 2012 he informed them that he would be pursuing a career in professional football, and was drafted to the Seattle Seahawks shortly after that. Some people questioned Pete Carroll’s choice when he selected Wilson as a quarterback, but he has really stepped up to the game in the last couple of years and has become an icon for the team itself. He is also known for participating with many charities and doing lots of product endorsements, so it is needless to say that Wilson will only be getting more popular through time.

Wilson took the time to head back east to North Carolina to hold one of his Russell Wilson Passing Academy sessions, and it drew in kids from all around to get to attend this five hour camp with the pro quarterback. Wilson will be doing at least three more camps this month in the Pacific Northwest before NFL training begins again.

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