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Sarah Thomas Speaking FeeThe NFL has hired the first full-time female referee, a woman named Sarah Thomas, who is great at her job and is a true pioneer in the professional sports industry. Thomas started referring in high school and continued on to do so during college, where she became the first female to officiate a a Big Ten game in 2011.

After a lot of hard work and dedication she has made a good name for herself and was only one of a very few women in the pipeline for getting the permanent job with the NFL. There were only about 21 people being considered for the position, yet Thomas came out above the rest.

The Mississippi native had gotten a taste of the job a couple of years ago when she was selected to referee a couple of the preseason games and scrimmages at the training camps, but this is by far going to be much more work. In addition to that, Thomas is an advocate for gender equality employment in the sports world and it is great that her efforts have come to fruition in her own career. Despite the odds she has finally landed the ultimate promotion for any referee, and it will be great to see what she does with it. During an interview Thomas stated that her main drive and motivation to work for the NFL is her true passion for the sport of football and she is very grateful to be given the opportunity.

Thomas will be on the field calling shots for the NFL soon, and hopefully she will show everyone that she was the right choice for the job.

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