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Satnam Singh AgentDallas Mavericks Satnam Singh Bhamara is one of the newest NBA recruits, and he has a lot of hope for making it big in the future of his basketball career. The 7 foot 2 native of India has always been a standout player in his village, being as tall as he is and athletic in a country that doesn’t focus on sports as much as some other areas of the world does. However just this year he was selected as the 52nd all around pick in the NBA Draft and has been sent to join the Dallas Mavericks’ roster playing Center. The 19 year old has high anticipations for making a name for himself as the first Indian national to play in the professional league.

Bhamara was born and raised in the village of Balo Ke which only has a population of 800 and is located near the border of Pakistan. His father was noticeably tall as well, so when Satnam began to show that he had inherited those genes he was encouraged to play basketball himself. By the time he was only nine years old, Bhamara was already taller than most of the adults who lived in his village and was enrolled in a basketball academy just a year later. Due to not receiving any college scholarships in the United States, Bhamara enlisted in the NBA draft in April of this year and was picked up during the second round.

Hopefully Bhamara will be able to make even more history as the NBA’s first Indian-born player and become an international icon for the sport the way that Yao Ming did. Only time will tell what will happen, but as he gets more experience playing with the pros he is sure to Improve and become a standout player in the league.

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