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Shaq and Shawn KempIn Reebok’s latest ad promoting the release of the Reebok Shaq Attaq purple/yellow color way kicks on February 14, legendary NBA big man Shaquille O’Neal and Shawn Kemp debate who is the best big man in the game. The ad takes place in a neighborhood barbershop with Shaq adding his normal comedic relief to a conversation with fellow “barber” Shawn Kemp and other customers at the shop.

The ad begins with comedian Lil Duval saying that he is the best big man and challenging Shaq, who obviously believes he is the best big man, to a game of one on one to five points. As Shaq, who is wearing a long haired wig and hat dominates Lil Duval in the game of one-on-one, Shawn Kemp adds his opinion that he believes Wilt Chamberlain is the best big man ever. Then Lil Duval comes back with his opinion of Hakeem Olajuwon being the best right as a short white man walks into the barbershop, essentially stopping all the action. He then sits down and points to his shirt with the name Walton and the number 32 on it, making his point that Bill Walton is the best big man ever, prompting laughter all around.

As the camera pans from player to player and character to character it shows the new Shaq Attaq shoes and the shoes that have helped developed the iconic Shaq shoe brand over the years. The ad was no doubt another reason to love Shaquille O’Neal for the playfully serious comedian athlete that he has been throughout his career in basketball and entertainment.

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