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GridironHoopsNext to the Super Bowl itself, Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XVI will be the hottest game ticket in town! Watch some of the biggest starts in sports square off as Terrell Owens‘ TeamTO takes on Dez Bryant’s TeamX. As they enter our 15th season of production, this unmatched fan-favorite interactive experience remains one of the most anticipated events held annually the night before the “Big Game.” This upcoming Gridiron game is especially one-of-a-kind because not only does it mark our record-breaking 16th anniversary, but it also highlights our corporate presidents’ personal achievement as the very first African-American and first woman in the 94 year history of the National Football League and the 48 year history of Super Bowl to produce an event annually held during the Super Bowl weekend to reach the 16 year mark. As a minority-owned company, this is a major milestone and an outstanding achievement.

On Saturday, February 1, 2014, at 3 p.m., at City College of New York in Harlem, the Big Apple will play host to Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XVI, the first and only charity celebrity basketball game to have ever become officially sanctioned by the National Football League. Now independently and separately produced exclusively by Jam Sports Productions, Gridiron XVI is where NFL players, prospective draft picks, popular sports icons, boxer champions, world-renowned streetballers, and music artists, and actors join together for a thrilling game of action packed basketball. This is where NFL players who think they are equally as talented in basketball as they are in football vie for bragging rights to show how multi-athletic they truly are. Over three dozen pro athletes and celebrities will take center court, and play, coach, host, perform, DJ and MC. Our athletes and entertainers boldly rise to the challenge to see whose still got game!

Since its inception, Gridiron XVI has grown into a unique and fundamental component of Super Bowl weekend that delivers exciting fan interaction to a fun audience of professional athletes, foster care youth and celebrities. By incorporating our version of the historical showdown between two superior celebrity teams: The *NFC* (National Foster Care) and the *AFC* (American Foster Care), we are able to offer football fans of all ages and levels of interest the opportunity to witness the Best of Both Worlds – their favorite football heroes/players and popular celebrities playing in a competitive game of basketball. We allow select fans the opportunity to meet and greet celebrities, get free autographs, take pictures, and participate in fun and safe indoor sports-themed contests in an environment full of the energy, sights and sounds of the NFL. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the NFL along with other entertainers including Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Emmitt Smith, National Basketball Association champion and Gold medalist, Magic Johnson, current Welterweight Champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Hip-Hop icon, Jay-Z, and Academy Award winner and Grammy winner, Jamie Foxx.

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