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Terrell Owens HoverboardPopular athletes, Terrell Owens and Tony Hawk took to the streets of LA to team up with HUVr to film a viral video demonstrating the “hoverboard”, which was first seen in 1989 by Marty McFly in the classic, Back to the Future. Other celebrities such as Moby, Schoolboy Q, Billy Zane and Agnes Bruckner were featured in the shoot. Even the original DeLorean, and an introduction by Christopher Lloyd, who we all know as Doc Brown took part in the video that is circulating all over the web.

The company HUVr claims to be started by MIT Physics graduates who consist of materials science, electricity & magnetism experts who’ve solved an important part of one of science’s mysteries: the key to antigravity.

According to their corporate website, www.HUVrTech.com it says we will have to wait till Dec 2014 for arrival. It even says the project is being backed by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Questions have been circulating all over the Internet to whether the hoverboard is real and how they can get their hands on one.  Some believe it’s a shoot for an upcoming movie, others think it could be for a ride at Universal Studio. I guess we will have to wait until December to see what is really going on!

Watch a Video of Terrell Owens and Tony Hawk Demonstrating the Hoverboard from HUVr:




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