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NBA 2k13As Fans lock in to the 2012 NBA Finals, the folks over at 2K Sports are cranking out the lastest NBA 2k Masterpiece.

The 2k Team announced today that it’s up to fans when the “NBA 2K13” cover will be revealed.

They are giving fans everywhere the ability to uncover the featured NBA Star by tweeting #UncoverNBA2K.

The more the fans tweet #UncoverNBA2k, the faster the cover will be revealed on the 2K Sports Facebook page.

As Tweets come storming in, portions of the box will be revealed slowly, until finally we get to see the game’s new cover image.

Many fans are beginning to draw predictions whether they will use Michael Jordan for a third straight year or look to young upcoming players like Russell Westbrook and/or Derrick Rose.

The more fans Tweet, the faster we’ll find out who will make the cover of the next NBA 2k.




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