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Nike+FuelBand EndorsementsOne of the hottest new products that just launched and seems to be impossible to get on your wrist is the new, Nike + FuelBand. This is all part of their brilliant marketing campaign creating huge buzz and demand. The Nike+ FuelBand tracks your activity through a sport-tested accelerometer and syncs up with your iPhone to record your workouts. They encourage athletes to “Make Life a Sport” by challenging yourself to capture records, reach new milestones, and unlock special achievements. Many top athletes have been part of the new marketing campaign including Hope Solo, Ndamukong Suh, Paul Rodriquez and Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson featured in the new Nike commercial below.

Some people question the band, saying it could be a gimmick, but if it gets people to workout more and challenge themselves and others in a fun video game format, then mission accomplished by Nike. I’ve been searching in local stores trying to get my hands on one, but online seems to be the only place available these days. Looking forward to seeing how many points I get walking from Central Park to the Financial District in NYC.  To view a brief overview of the product, visit the Nike+ site here.

Watch the Nike Fuel Band Commercial Featuring DeSean Jackson:

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