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Kristin Armstrong Speaking FeeThree-time Olympic champion Kristin Armstrong was the speaker for this year’s Simplot Games that happened last month on Friday, February 17th. It was a fantastic event that was coordinated to give the athlete some interactions with the fans and also be able to share her story of trials and errors along her amazing journey, The gold medalist explained that she relied a lot on her teammates and couldn’t have done it without them, as it is very hard to complete such a massive accomplishment by one’s self. In addition to that, Armstrong emphasized the importance of having goals and a vision, because it takes that kind of commitment to be able to produce good results and achieve what you’re after.

The Memphis, TN native started out as a junior Olympian for swimming and distance running, and she also eventually became a triathlete. Despite being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips, she found a way to get around not being able to run as much by switching sports to just cycling. In the 2012 Olympics, Armstrong proved to herself and the world that she is a first class athlete by winning the gold and even returned in 2016 to bring home yet another first place medal. She is an inspiration to athletes everywhere for her adversity strong sense of character with her will to beat the odds.

Armstrong was the speaker for the Simplot Games breakfast that happened at the middle of last month, and her story of rebounding after a diagnosis and remaining an Olympic athlete was more than inspiring.

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Watch Kristin Armstrong Speaking about her Olympic Win and Seeing Her Son at the Finish Line: