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Usain Bolt is not only blowing away his competition in races, but is always blowing them away with endorsements and appearances. After becoming the world’s fastest man with back-to-back gold medals in the 100m sprint, he even further set himself up to race ahead his fellow Olympians with new endorsement deals and sponsorship’s.

Usain Bolts back-to-back Record Setting Gold Medal win makes him the only one after American sprinter Carl Lewis to have achieved such a feat. The 25-year-old is already one of the highest-paid Olympian at this year Games with estimated earnings of 20.3 million over the past year. Bolt’s biggest sponsor to date is Puma who forks out 9 million dollars annually for the track star.

Fans have also seen Usain Bolt grace the stage representing sponsors outside the field of athletics, such as watchmaker Hublot, communications company Virgin Media, car manufacturer Nissan, credit card giant Visa and Soul Electronic. These sponsorship’s will continue to stream in as Usain Bolt has a global appeal unmatched by any other athlete in the Olympics.

Watch Usain Bolt Making an Appearance and Speaking at 2012 Olympics:

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