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Shaun Livingston AgentGolden State Warriors gaurd Shaun Livingston recently helped his old school raise enough funds to expand their gym, get a better sound system for band and orchestra, and also a top rated storm shelter by donating $1 million dollars to them. At the end of November, they had a dedication ceremony for the expansions and even brought him back to his hometown of Peoria to take part in the celebration. In addition to that, Livingston announced that he would have some bronze plated footprints of his made to be on the display in the hallway next to the lobby, and he plans to continue to be involved in the advancement of the school. It was a very memorable event for everyone, and surely exciting to have one of their old alums visit for the special day.

The Peoria, Illinois native played competitive basketball during his high school years and even lead his team from Peoria Central High School to the Class AA state titles in both 2003 and 2004. He entered the 2004 NBA Draft where he was the 4th overall pick by the Los Angeles Clippers where he played for four years. He currently plays for the champion-winning team, the Golden State Warriors, but previously he also was on the roster of several other teams too including the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder and the New York Nets.

Livingston made a trip back to his hometown in Illinois to assist in the celebratory opening ceremony of the expansion of his old high school. Not only will he be forever memorialized in the building, but he is proud to have made that generous donation and remain a part of his former community.

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