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Hire a BMX Racer for an Appearance BMX Racers has quietly become a big market for organizations to leverage as the sport is very family oriented and largely participant-driven, with riders ranging in age from 10 to 60. While BMX racing is an individual sport, teams have often been formed by racers in often for business exposure. Companies and organizations have rallied behind these teams with endorsement deals and BMX racing sponsorships. A great example of this is with Greg Hill, five-time BMX World Champion, who is official endorsed by National Bicycle League (NBL). BMX racing rewards strength, quickness, and bike handling and in turn companies have leveraged that message in their BMX racer marketing efforts.The sport has revolutionized the world of apparel as shops appear in local malls specializing in BMX racing gear. Many of these retailers have leveraged the fame of BMX racer by booking them for speaking appearances and exclusive VIP Events. These organizations have trusted and successfully book BMX Racing stars when using AthletePromotions. Dialing 1.888.246.7141 will get one step closer to a BMX racing celebrity.

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