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Hire a Bowler for an Appearance The Sport of bowling has been around centuries with the start dating back to Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Over the years this sport has flourished and is being enjoyed by millions of people in more than ninety countries worldwide. The growth of this sport has been greatly attributed to stars like Ray Williams Jr. and Pete Weber. Bowling continues to grow through entertainment media such as video games for home consoles and handheld devices. These avenues have led to increasing demand for bowling endorsement deals as well as bowling celebrity appearances. Organizations have capitalized on the increased popularity and air time of bowling by sponsoring pro bowlers’ apparel along pro bowlers equipment.Fans have flocked to their living room to tune in to the latest matches while corporations have flocked to AthletePromotions to book these athletes for appearances and speaking engagements. AthletePromotions have left nothing to spare when companies are looking to strike a top bowling celebrities. Call 1.888.246.7141 to book pro bowling celebrities for your next event.

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