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Cadillac Endorsers – Athletes and Celebrities Endorsed by Cadillac

Cadillac Endorsements Founded more than 100 years ago in Detroit, Cadillac is an American luxury vehicle owned my General Motors. Cadillac is one of the oldest American automobile manufacturers and produced the first car to feature an electric self-starter, ignition and lighting, appropriately called “the car with no crank.”

Like other automobile manufacturers, Cadillac had used several celebrities to endorse its cars throughout the years. Who better to endorse a luxury car than a celebrity who embodies luxurious life? One of Cadillac’s first endorsers was in 1974 with golfing extraordinaire Arnold Palmer. Since then football running back Tiki Barber, actors Kate Walsh, Andy Garcia and the voice talents of Laurence Fishburne have all been used in various Cadillac advertising campaigns.

Cadillac has also worked its way into American pop culture. Cadillac truly serves as a car and brand that represents high class and lavishness. This was most evident when it started becoming a common car of choice in the rap music scene. The DeVille and Escalade models are the most popular and been mentioned in songs by Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. Looking to book an endorsement deal? If you answered “yes,” Athlete Promotions is here to help you book the athlete or celebrity of your choice. Call us at 888.246.7141 to speak to an agent about a product endorsement or complete our athlete endorsement form online.

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