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Car Dealership Endorsements – Athletes Who Endorse Car Dealerships

Car Dealership Endorsements Many car manufacturers and dealerships often turn to celebrity spokespeople when attempting to sell their products or manage public perception of a particular brand or vehicle model. The use of celebrity endorsement in motor vehicle marketing has proven to be a powerful sales strategy. Celebrities have the unique ability to influence brand image, as well as to motivate potential consumers and drive sales.

More recently, car manufacturers have turned to the use of celebrity voice-overs in their ad campaigns. In fact, notable celebrity spokespeople who routinely lend their voice to endorse car brands include, Tim Allen for Chevrolet, Jeff Bridges for Hyundai, Donald Sutherland for Volvo, Patrick Stewart for BMW and Robert Downey Jr. for Nissan. These familiar voices assist a car company or dealer to establish credibility, trust and clout with their target market. Influential endorsements from esteemed celebrities can go a long way in reinforcing positive feelings towards a car company’s brand, as well as its fleet of vehicles.

Some additional examples of successful automobile / car dealership endorsements include:

Denis Leary as the voice of the Ford F-150Richard Thomas for Mercedes-BenzJames Spader as the voice of AcuraKevin Spacey as the voice of HondaDan Marino as the face of MaronneJohn Elway as the face for Chevrolet

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