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Cell Phone Endorsements and Spokespersons

Cell Phone Endorsements Gone are the days of the oversized, Zach Morris-style, cellular telephones. Today’s phones are virtually mini-computers, the technology for which seems to advance just as rapidly as the networks on which they operate. The race to create the fastest, sleekest and most advanced Smartphone continues to drive competition among service providers and cell phone manufactures. We associate many of today’s popular celebrity spokespersons with mobile phone advertisements. The use of celebrity endorsement is a key differentiator often used by companies in an effort to market and sell their products.

Some examples of successful cell phone and cell phone service provider endorsements include:

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones for T-Mobile
  • Dwyane Wade and Charles Barley for T-Mobile
  • Luke Wilson for AT&T Wireless
  • U2 for Blackberry
  • Ozzy Osbourne for the Samsung Jack

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