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Champagne Endorsements – Celebrities Who Endorse Champagne

Champagne endorsementsChampagne is most often associated with the glamorous life of celebrities and movie stars. So who else would be better suited to market champagne than a celebrity? The right celebrity endorsement can change the way a consumer positions a product. It can take champagne from a drink only meant for toasts at weddings to the “must-have” accessory for a fabulously good time. When someone sees their favorite movie star holding a glass of champagne at an award show, they’re probably more inclined to buy champagne for their next viewing party.

Some examples of celebrity champagne endorsements include Scarlett Johansson with Moët Chandon Champagne, Jay Z and Cristal, and Mariah Carey’s champagne Angel. Looking to book an endorsement deal? If you answered “yes,” Athlete Promotions is here to help you book the athlete or celebrity of your choice. Call us at 888.246.7141 to speak to an agent about a product endorsement or fill our athlete endorsement form online.

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