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Hire Cheerleaders and Team Dancers for an Appearance As athletes take the stage and make spectacular plays, not far behind are team dancers drawing in the crowd. Team Dancers along with Cheerleaders have been a key component on keeping attendance high as well keeping fans engaged. Many teams turn to mascots and halftime acts for entertainment, but several have found that their team dancers are what need to keep the energy level high. Several professional organizations have begun to capitalize on this limelight and have used cheerleaders to market their team. In result, companies have been flocking to AthletePromotions to book team dancers for celebrity appearances and celebrity endorsements.Companies who have successfully booked team dancers and have been able leverage their national appeal to draw in large crowds. Some of the famous dancers in sports are the Raiderettes, the Cowboys cheerleaders and the Lakers dancers. Many have turned to AthletePromotions for our booking services and first class treatment. The complexity of booking your next team dancer has been whipped away by calling us at 1.888.246.7141.

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