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Chevy Endorsements – Athletes Endorsed by Chevy

Chevy Endorsements Chevrolet, or Chevy as they are often called, is an American brand of vehicle produced by General Motors. They were founded in 1911 by William C. Durant and later acquired by GM in 1918. The company sells and produces a wide variety of automobiles, with many famed athletes endorsing their cars and trucks.NASCAR has several drivers who have Endorsement Deals with Chevy, including Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Michael Jordan also famously endorsed Chevrolet. Chicago Blackhawks players Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have also inked Endorsement Deals with Chevy as has former great NFL quarterback John Elway.

Athlete Endorsements are a proven method of building a successful brand and increasing sales for most any type of product or service. If you’d like to help your company to get exposure locally, nationally or even internationally, an Endorsement Deal is one of the best ways to do it. Can you imagine your favorite sports star endorsing an automobile made by your company? All it takes is a quick phone call to our agents at 888-246-7141 or filling out this simple online athlete endorsement form to get the ball rolling.

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