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EAS Endorsers – Athletes Endorsed by EAS

EAS endorsementsEAS is an international distributor of performance-based nutritional supplements. A subsidiary of Abbott Labs, the EAS brand focuses on sports bars, drink mixes and a variety of other similar products. As a leader in sports performance products, the EAS brand often recruits remarkable celebrity athletes for use in their ad campaigns.

EAS takes a unique approach to advertising with its use of athletic challenges to showcase the effectiveness of its products. For example, the brand’s recent “Unstoppable Tour” selected on one “ultra athlete,” an average EAS consumer, who would endure a 30 day challenge, over the course of 30 consecutive days, in 30 different cities across America. EAS spokesman, Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, met up with this chosen athlete during the tour and gave him a crash course in NFL training. For EAS, this type of marketing and branding strategy has proven wildly successful. This approach educates and informs consumers, while simultaneously putting the brand’s products to the ultimate test. Not only do consumers get to see that EAS’ sports nutrition and recovery supplements are legitimate and effective, but they are also able to interact with the brand’s major talent….celebrity athletes like Fitzgerald.

Celebrities associated with the EAS Sports Nutrition brand include:

Danny Granger, NBA, Indiana PacersLarry Fitzgerald, NFL, Arizona CardinalsBrady Anderson, MLB, Baltimore Orioles

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