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Easton Endorsers - Athletes Endorsed by Easton

Easton endorsements Easton is part of Easton-Bell Sports, the leading designer, developer and marketer of branded equipment and accessories that enhance athlete performance. Easton is especially known for their hockey equipment including skates, gloves, sticks, protective equipment, pants, bags, hockey accessories and apparel. They’ve also been famous for their high-performance baseball equipment, bats, baseball gear and baseball accessories. In the late 90s, they began developing bats for the game of Cricket.In 1990, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky signed an Endorsement Deal to play with Easton hockey sticks and they became the stick of choice among NHL players. Legendary home run hitter Sammy Sosa had an Endorsement Deal with Easton, and famously used the Easton bat. >>>Book an Athlete for an Athletic Equipment Endorsement.

Today over 250 NHL players use Easton hockey sticks and just a few of the athletes who have Endorsement Deals with the company include Ryan Getzlaf, Brad Richards Mike Cammalleri, Steve Ott, Lubomir Visnovsky and George Parros.

With Gretzky’s signing in 1990, Easton grew to incredible heights. If you’d like your company to achieve similar success, it can be possible with an Athlete Endorsement Deal. Many businesses who had never imagined worldwide fame have achieved it through deals like this, and AthletePromotions.com is the place to start to make it happen. Call our agents at 888-246-7141 or fill out our online athlete endorsement form and let us assist you in securing your favorite athlete for an Endorsement Deal today. >>> Book an Athlete for a Sporting Equipment Endorsement.