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Soccer Player Product Endorsement Deals

Soccer Player Endorsements David Beckham is one of the biggest names in the world of soccer, and even in the Hollywood arena. With Beckham’s deal with Adidas in 2003, earning him an incredible $160.8 million and a lifetime contract, the soccer star and Adidas are one of the most well-known duos in Endorsement history. Beckham is said to sell more products on his own than all of Adidas’ other clients combined.

Of course, Beckham isn’t the only soccer player with the ability to bring brand recognition and increase sales of products, and AthletePromotions.com has access to hundreds of soccer players who can be booked for Endorsement Deals and aligned with your products to help make most any type of Advertising Campaign a success. Stars like Clint Dempsey even wrote a song as part of his deal with Nike. “Don’t Tread on Me,” was written to increase soccer awareness in America, while Michael Owen has an income of around $58 million with some of his sponsors including the luxury car manufacturer Jaguar and prestigious Swiss watch company, Tissot, in addition to deals with Domino’s Pizza, Northern Rock, Accurist and others.

By calling 888-246-7141, or by filling out our simple contact us form, we can help connect corporations of all types with current and former soccer players for Endorsement Deals, including Automobile Endorsements, Restaurant Endorsements, Insurance Endorsements, Fashion Endorsements and more. A famed athlete aligned with most any brand is a proven method of reaching the greatest heights of success. >>> Book a Soccer Player for a Product Endorsement Deal.

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