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Furniture Endorsements – Celebrities Who Endorse Furniture Stores

Furniture Endorsements For furniture manufacturers, the use of a celebrity spokesperson can effectively communicate a powerful marketing message to a target audience. The face of a well-known actor, actress or athlete can offer a furniture brand instant credibility and can even pack enough punch to aid in a brand’s ability to breakthrough previously set boundaries. This type of marketing strategy is hugely beneficial for furniture manufacturers working to expand their product lines and customer demographic. For instance, Brooke Shields was recently named the celebrity face for La-Z-Boy’s latest marketing campaign. The company, seeking to show consumers that it can make much more than just a quality recliner, is using Shields’ likable celebrity status to showcase their full furniture portfolio, specifically targeting middle-class housewives, while still appealing to their staple male demographic. This is a strong sales strategy and a great example of the use of celebrity spokespeople in a furniture company’s marketing campaign.

Other examples of furniture products and brands endorsed by celebrities include:

  • Brooke Shields for La-Z-Boy
  • Cindy Crawford for Rooms-To-Go
  • Hulk Hogan and Troy Aikman for Rent-a-Center
  • LeBron James and Home Court Furniture

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