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Gillette Endorsements – Athletes Who Are Endorsed by Gillette

Gillette Endorsements The Gillette brand is probably best known for its safety razors (Mach3 and Gillette Fusion) but also includes other personal care products (shaving crème, styling gel, deodorant). Now one of Proctor & Gamble’s “Beauty and Grooming” brands, Gillette was originally one of several brands owned by The Gillette Company.

Gillette is no stranger to the world of advertising and marketing, especially in efforts directed at a young, male audience – after all its slogan is “The Best a Man Can Get.” In order to reach this infamously difficult target audience Gillette has used many promotional strategies, many of which often include some type of endorsement deal. Both past and present, Gillette has sponsored some of the most high-profile and sought-after athletes and celebrities. Some of these include: Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Alex Ovechkin, Derek Jeter, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Dave Chappelle, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Ray Rice, Denny Hamlin, Matt Ryan, Carlos Gonzalez, Evan Longoria, Ryan Lochte and Kyle Busch.

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