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Jordan Brand Endorsers - Athletes Endorsed by Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand Endorsements The Jordan brand is a subsidiary of Nike that has expanded from the basketball court with the famed Air Jordan shoes to America’s mainstream bat and ball sports, and even NASCAR.

In 2011, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin signed an Endorsement Deal with the Jordan Brand. Apparently, Hamlin struck up a friendship with Michael Jordan when he was at a Charlotte Bobcats game, and he ultimately agreed to let Hamlin rep his brand, marking the first athletic shoe brand sponsorship in the NASCAR circuit since Adidas sponsored Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in 2007.

The Jordan brand also has Endorsement Deals with baseball players Derek Jeter and Andruw Jones, NFL stars Marvin Harrison and Terrell Owens as well as boxer Andre Ward. Other big names that were a part of Team Jordan include Darius Miles, Maya Moore, Richard Hamilton, Chris Paul, Charles Woodson, CC Sabathia, Michael Finley, Roy Jones Jr., Carmelo Anthony, Eddie Jones, Randy Moss and Ray Allen.

The Jordan Brand also spans across Universities around the country in colleges such as California, St Bonaventure, Marquette, Georgetown and North Carolina.

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