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Mastercard Endorsements – Athletes Endorsed by Mastercard

Mastercard Endorsements MasterCard is an American multinational financial services corporation founded in 1966, with headquarters in Purchase, New York.

MasterCard has a number of Endorsement Deals with top name athletes like Super Bowl Champion quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning is frequently featured in the company’s television commercials. Famed slugger Barry Bonds had an Endorsement Deal with MasterCard but lost it amid the steroid controversy. Just this summer the credit card company agreed to a new seven-year deal with the Brazilian Football Confederation. MasterCard also sponsors a number of major sporting events through the world including the PGA Tour’s Arnold Palmer Invitational and the Canadian Hockey League’s Memorial Cup. >>>Book an Athlete for a Credit Card Endorsement.

At least some of the success of MasterCard can be attributed to well-known faces endorsing the brand. Your company can increase the chances of achieving even the most far reaching goals by securing a famed athlete for an Endorsement Deal. As the leading athlete booking agency, AthletePromotions.com can help make it happen for you by booking one of your favorite sports stars just by calling our agents 888-246-7141, or through filling out the online athlete endorsement form.

>>> Book an Athlete for a Credit Card Endorsement.

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